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The Great Buffalo River (From South Maumee to Dillard's Ferry)

We love to be outdoors and kayaking is one of our favorite things to do, especially in the summer. The Buffalo River is such a fun and beautiful river to float, and I recently had the chance to float a part I had never been to before.

South Maumee to Dillard's Ferry is a fun and relaxing float. We put in at the South Maumee Campground and floated down to Dillard's Ferry. Be sure to use Google maps when getting directions. If you use Apple maps, you will be in Flippin, AR, which is 30 minutes away from where you need to be.

Once we made it to the campground, we were able to drive right to the water. I have a Subaru Outback so the rocky bank was no problem, but if your vehicle doesn't have 4-wheel drive, I would not suggest driving down. The parking area is not far from the river anyways.

The river was nice and cool but was on the low side. We dragged a few times and had to paddle most of the way. We stopped a little ways before the halfway point where a creek filled with ice-cold spring water flowed into the river. From racoon to deer, there was plenty of wildlife coming down to cool off and get a drink from the river.

Our 9 mile trip from South Maumee to Dillard's Ferry took us about 6 hours with a few stops. There were very few rapids at this level, but it's a nice relaxing float.

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