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Hiking: Eureka Springs Loop

If you’re in Eureka Spring and are looking for a great hiking trail nearby, the Eureka Springs Loop (Overlook Trail) is it. This trail is a well maintained and marked in Lake Leatherwood Park and features a great view of the lake, cool rock formations, and enough ups and downs to get your heart pumping. On AllTrails, this is listed as easy, but I would rate it as easy/moderate with the steep inclines.


At the beginning (or end) of the trail, take the short side trail to ‘The Point’. It leads to a perfect spot by the lake that you won’t want to miss. Near the halfway point, there are large rock formations that are neat to look at and walk through. When there’s no leaves on the trees, there’s a great view of the lake from the top. However, during the spring and summer, the trees are too full to see through.


I didn’t bring Bumble since we had other non-dog friendly plans in Eureka Springs. However, I think she would of loved this trail. She would have had fun playing in the lake and climbing the large rocks. This trail is shared with mountain bikers, so be prepared to step off to let them pass. We ran into a group of about 5 bikes and they looked like they were having fun.


After your hike, head back to Eureka Springs and grab a bite to eat at The Horseshoe Grill. The prices are reasonable and it’s some of the best food in town. The catfish is delicious and hit the spot after a long day of hiking and shopping. Also have to give a shoutout to The Filling Station. The omelet was the best omelet I’ve ever had and their homemade salsa made it even better. So definitely hit them up if you looking for a good and filling breakfast.

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