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5 Tips For Hiking With Your Dog

Hiking is great but taking your dog with you is better. However there can be a few mishaps along the way. Here are 5 tips that will make your adventure go more smoothly.

  1. Take an extra leash - After Bumble’s leash broke on one of her first hikes, I always pack an extra leash. Its a small one that weighs nothing and takes hardly no room in my backpack. Having an extra one saved me from running all over the mountain.

  2. Water, Water, and More Treats - always bring more water than you think you might need. Leave a couple bottles in the car for an after-hike refresher. Your dog will be thankful. Don’t forget the collapsible bowl! Treats are also a great way to encourage your dog and keep their energy up. Bumble always behaves better when she knows there are treats around.

  3. Poop Bags - it’s not fun and truth be told its kinda gross, but it’s the right thing to do. Please pick up your dog’s mess. Bring extra ziplock bags to put the used poop bags in to keep the smell down on the rest of your hike.

  4. ID Tags And Photo - if your dog gets loose on your hike, and it’s bound to happen at some point, it’s important for him/her to have tags on collar. It can make reuniting with you dog much faster and easier. Showing a picture of your dog to other hikers is much easier than describing your lost dog to them.

  5. First Aid Kit - you never know when something might go sideways. Amazon has some great kits that can easily fit into you backpack. Pack some Benadryl for allergic reactions (talk to your vet before giving your pet any medicin). And keep a copy of your dogs vet records in the car or on your phone for emergencies. On the longer and more dangerous hikes, pack a rescue harness so you can easily carry your dog back in case of injury or emergency.

There are my 5 tips for taking your dog hiking. Where will you take your dog next?

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